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VICOSTONE® is a high quality, internationally recognized, quartz based engineered stone product sold in over 40 countries under its own brand name. Each Vicostone slab is manufactured using the Breton (Italian) manufacturing process – as used by other world renowned brands of quartz engineered stone.

The Breton slab manufacturing technology ensures the highest quality of quartz slabs and is vastly superior to any of the generic branded Chinese quartz materials.

In South Africa, Vicostone is becoming increasingly popular due to the material being one of the most competitively priced brands of Breton manufactured quartz stone slabs and is backed by a Lifetime warranty [15 years].

The surface is microbial resistant and can be used in hospitals, restaurants and schools (see certifications listed below)

Please take a look at our international website Vicostone International as well as the Italian Breton website where you will see that Vicostone is aligned with the world’s best quartz slab manufactures.

Vicostone® Certifications

ASTM D 6329-98 certified

Standard Guide for Developing Methodology for Evaluating the Ability of Indoor Materials to Support Microbial Growth Using Static Environmental Chambers

NSF Certified

National Sanitation Foundation, ensures that the product meets strict standards for public health protection.

CE Compliant

Conformité Européenne – CE Compliant for use in European Union countries.

GREENGUARD quality certified

Ensures that the product meets strict chemical emissions limits, which contribute to the creation of healthier interiors.

ISO 14001:2004

Environmental Management System (EMS)

50 Year Life Expectancy Declare Certification

This offer us as the manufacturer and wholesaler an expanded point of entry into the world’s most ground-breaking sustainable building projects.

Kosher Certification

Technical Specifications


With five production lines of compound stones utilizing technology transferred from Breton S.P.A (Italy), and using the most advanced techniques with latest technology, VICOSTONE can provide multi million square meters per year and is one of the leading engineered stone manufacturers in the world.

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